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This procedure involves the injection of an irritant into the soft tissue of a joint that is experiencing pain with the objective of providing pain relief. It basically kick starts the joint and body’s healing mechanism.

Prolotherapy treatment
Prolotherapy procedures


procedures of Prolotherapy


This procedure is an injection and is a non-surgical intervention for the reconstruction of ligaments and tendons.

How does the Procedure Work?


Step 1

The physician injects the irritant, such as dextrose solution, into the soft tissue of the knees, back, shoulders or joints.


Step 2

The strengthening of the ligament helps repair the joints. It can also treat arthritis and degenerative discs.


Step 3

Prolotherapy also acts as a strong conjunctive therapy to patients seeking relief from arthritis and soft tissue injuries.

Anesthesia, Length, Pre/Post-op

The procedure requires 4 to 12 injections per visit. Over time, 3 to 5 visits may be required over a three to six month period. A medical history is required and those with chronic conditions may not be candidates. Anti-inflammatory medication has to be stopped prior to the procedure.

how does Prolotherapy work
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Who Performs the Procedure

The procedure is performed by one of our Board Certified physicians skilled at joint injections.

Pricing and


Prolotherapy is not covered by most insurance plans. However, this treatment is affordable and we also offer financing.

risks and complication

Risks and Complications

There may be some temporary discomfort from the injections. The clinicians will cover what you should expect during your pre-operative evaluation.


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