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Hair loss therapy

We treat hair loss and lost density with soft tissue injectables directly into the scalp.

hair loss therapy
treat hair loss
treat hair loss with therapy

How does the Procedure Work?


Step 1

Soft tissue injections offer a variety of proteins, nutrients, growth factors, and activates internal signaling that aids in hair regrowth and improved density.


Step 2

These injections can both initiate and prolong the follicular growth phase (anegan).


Step 3

In addition to external nutrients, these injections also signal your body to assist the scalp in healing and hair growth. It also improves hair strength and thickness, while preventing further breakage and loss.

Anesthesia, Length, Pre/Post-op

No anesthesia is required for this procedure. The Pre/Post-op consists of a medical history and how to care for the fresh punctures.

hair loss therapy procedures
Dr. sid
Dr. Stefan thiele
Dr Barnard
Dr David Borenstein

Who Performs the Procedure

A team of Board Certified physicians and nurses who specialize in hair loss.

Pricing and


Since this is considered an aesthetic procedure, insurance does not cover it. We offer various measures of financing to make these treatments more available.

risks and complications

Risks and Complications

This is considered a low risk procedure and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

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