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Dr. Stefan Thiele

Offers hair transplant surgery – FUT, FUE, eyebrow, beard, mustache & facial hair transplants, in Dallas and Houston, Texas.

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Doctor Details


  • General Surgeon with five years of training in general surgery


  • Attended medical school at the University of Texas in Galveston


  • Mercer University in Georgia
  • Charleston Area Medical Center in W. Virginia
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Our Services

This procedure involves the injection of an irritant into the soft tissue of a joint that is experiencing pain with the objective of providing pain relief. It basically kick starts the joint and body’s healing mechanism.
Hybrid procedures
Combination of bone marrow, fat transfer, adipose, prolotherapy, injections and/or other procedures as recommended by the physician based on the patient’s condition.
Soft tissue injections
Prolotherapy and other injectable-based procedures for the treatment of injured joints, ligaments and tendons.
Fat transfer (for pain)
Autologous fat transfer, without enzymes, manipulation or expansion, for the alleviation of knee, shoulder, and joint pain.
FDA-approvedclinical trial treatments
Derived from autologous (your own) fat tissue for the treatment of knee pain due to osteoarthritis and related conditions.
Bone marrow-based procedures
Derived from autologous (your own) bone marrow tissue for the treatment of knee, shoulder and joint pain.


  • Diplomate of the American Board of Wound Management



Why Dr. Stefan Thiele

dr stefan thiele

Why Dr. Thiele

  • General Surgeon by training
  • Adept at both FUT & FUE


Dr. Thiele attended medical school at the University of Texas in Galveston and completed his medical residency in General Surgery at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

He also holds specializations in Family Practice and Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Dr. Thiele currently is a member in good standing of:

  • American Board of Wound Management
  • He has also been published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.
  • General Surgeon with 5 years of training in general surgery
  • 7 years of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant experience
  • 8+ years at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Specialized in Excision of Skin Lesion Procedures.
  • Practicing physician for over 12 years.

Dr. Thiele is an expert co-author of Prospective controlled study of the natural history of asymptomatic 60% to 69% carotid stenosis according to ultrasonic plaque morphology.

Dr. Thiele is a Board Certified Surgeon with years of experience in hair transplantation surgeries including, Follicular Unit Transplantations, Follicular Unit Extractions for eyebrow, beard, mustache, in Dallas, TX .

As a member in good standing of the American Board of Wound Management and a published author in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, is world renowned expert in the usage of regenerative medicine for pain management and treatment.

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