Hybrid Procedures | Mix Treatment Procedures for Pain or Injuries

Hybrid Procedures

Hybrid therapy utilizes a varying mix of bone marrow, fat transfers, prolotherapy, and soft tissue injections to optimize results for specific injuries or diseases.

hybrid procedures for pain
hybrid procedures
mix procedures for pain

How does the Procedure Work?


Step 1

This question is best answered with an example. With a disease such as osteoarthritis, the cartilage in your joint is wearing down. Consequently, the joint space between the bones is decreasing and the bones begin to cause friction with one another.


Step 2

This causes severe pain and immobility, but it may also cause damage to the surrounding ligaments and musculature.


Step 3

To treat this, a physician may choose to utilize bone marrow concentrate to heal the cartilage, a fat transfer to increase or cushion joint space, and soft tissue injections to promote healing of the ligaments or muscles of the structure.

Anesthesia, Length, Pre/Post-op

As with the other procedures, hybrid therapies only require local anesthesia. The length of the procedure depends on what therapies are being used and may take up to 3 hours. The preop and postop are minimal.

how hybrid procedures work
Dr. sid
Dr. Stefan thiele
Dr Barnard
Dr David Borenstein

Who Performs the Procedure

Our skilled cohort of Board Certified physicians and nurses perform all of the procedures as a team.

Pricing and


At this time, most insurance policies do not cover these procedures. To address this, we offer different levels of financing.

risks and complications

Risks and Complications

Risks and complications are minimal with any of the procedures we offer and will be covered during your initial assessment.

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